Making Money While You Sleep: Creating “Loop Sounds” On Youtube

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Everyone’s dream is to make money while sleeping, but is it possible? A 19 year old in Europe is making $300,000+ with this.

Recently, YouTube has become quite the popular platform for many creators to share their unique niche content and reach a large audience quickly. However, with the Youtube becoming increasingly saturated lately, it can be a little challenging to stand out and make a living from your type of content.

One way to create a successful YouTube channel and make money is by creating loop sounds. Yes, loop sounds.

In this blog, I will discuss with you how to create a successful YouTube channel by making money with loop sounds.

The image shown is from the Loop channel on YouTube known as Riley Chillz, click here to check out their channel.

What are loop sounds?

Glad you asked. Loop sounds are quick & short audio samples that are repeated continuously, creating a looping effect, sometimes for more than 5 hours. The way to really make money with this, is to have the listener listen to the video for as long as possible, while hoping they click on the ads throughout the video. These sounds can be used in many ways. Some examples include music production, video games, and basic videos. Loop sounds can be made by using a variety of different instruments, including synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. The possibilities are endless.

Why use loop sounds?

The reason we would use loop sounds is because it can be a great addition to any YouTube video, as they can add depth to your content. By using these loop sounds in your videos, you can create a unique type of soundscape that sets your content apart from others on the Youtube. Also, loop sounds can be used to create a unique emotional type of response in your audience, whether it’s excitement, tension, or something simpler like relaxation. (For an example of relaxation, check out this calming loop video called the Riley Chillz channel on Youtube.)

How to create loop sounds for YouTube

  1. First thing is first: Choose your instrument and sounds

The very first step in creating loop sounds for YouTube is to choose the instrument or overall sounds you will be using. This could be a synthesizer, drum machine, nature sounds, or any other instrument that you feel comfortable with. Make sure it’s something you like and are having fun with. If you’re new to creating loop sounds, it’s recommended to get started with a basic instrument such as a synthesizer, as it’s easier to learn the basics.

  1. It’s critical to learn the basics

Before you can get started creating loop sounds, you need to learn the basics of your chosen instrument. This includes learning how to create sound patches, create melodies, and understand how the instrument works. There are plenty of resources available online, such as tutorials and forums, that can help you learn the basics of your chosen instrument.

What’s really popular now is the “Lo-Fi” genre. Also, the “Relax” genre as well. On these relax loop channels, you’ll hear things like chirping crickets for hours, or, the sound of wind or water. Here is an example of a loop song video that has calming wind chimes. Click HERE.

Also, it’s important to hire out a solid graphic designer! Make sure who ever designs your videos knows what they are doing. Here is a really need animated video of a dog on the beach with the sound of ocean waves. Click HERE to view.

Don’t expect to make boatloads of money right away. The average income from Youtube ads, is about $10,000 per 1,000,000 views. With that being said, you will need quite a few views for this to make money!

However, it’s doable. There’s a 19 year old teen in Europe now making $300,000+ a year with these types of videos.

The key is to create captivating videos where users will stay as long as possible on each video. The more ads that are clicked, the more ad revenue. However, don’t go clicking on the ads or Youtube will suspend your account!

If this 19 year old can do it, so can you. It just takes a little time, creativity and hard work.

He’s literally, making money while he sleeps.

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