3 Business Idea Predictions That Can Thrive In 2023

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We’re in a strange time in history; banks closing down left and right, a recession that’s just getting started, and a digital landscape in between it all. Here are 3 business ideas that can make you money for 2023.

I can sense a certain energy hovering over the US lately, you may have noticed it as well. When you see people out on the street, there’s a certain look. Worn out, defeated and even lost. COVID, the lockdowns, inflation and a recession has thrown every one off.

With that being said, I will take a look into the near future. I’m going to share with you some ideas that I can see thriving in this specific type of economic, social & political environment we’re currently in.

1. “Loneliness Inc.”

Business idea #1 is a controversial one. I briefly touched on this subject in another article on here before, but I call this new industry “Loneliness Inc.” A recent poll showed that a whopping 45% of women over age 25-44 will be single by age 30. On the male side, another recent poll showed that over 33% of men in the US 18-40, had no female interaction/intimacy during the entire year. With the rise of OnlyFans being proof of that, many men find themselves paying for not only nudity, but some type of intimacy from a female. (For the record, I hate OnlyFans and think it’s destroying society. But since it’s a business and this is a business blog, we will talk about OnlyFans for the sake of the article.

So – with all these people being lonely, what does that mean in terms of how and where they spend their time and money? With people in Western countries having fewer and fewer kids, money isn’t being spent on kids toys or anything like that. You have a unique combination here: Adults with careers and no children = extra disposable income $$$.

A slam dunk idea that I see working well is starting a travel group specifically for singles. Or, any other similar types of businesses, but with the niche of singles around the brand.

Also, pets. You’ve heard of the stereotype of the “Spinster Cat Lady”? Well, you’re going to see more and more of that according to this data. Tailor a business around this. (No one is doing anything like this, yet)

Filling the void for lonely people.
Filling the void for lonely people.

2.) Low cost / High Volume niche service or product

People are holding on to their dollars more than in recent years. Instead of going for the large size coffee, they decide to instead get a medium or small. Instead of taking that long road trip to see friends or family, people are deciding to just talk on zoom to save on gas.

With inflation and the recession getting worse and worse lately, people are cutting back on many things. Food, fun, and everything else where they can save some bucks.

A business idea that can thrive quite well for 2023 in the current conditions is a business branded on a “low cost” or “budget” niche service or product. Some may associate this with a negative connotation of crappy quality, however, it’s your job to do the very best to get your product for the absolute lowest price, to pass those savings on to the customer. Whether you’re selling a particular type of product on Amazon, Ebay or your own website, people are now looking for a deal. Even with services, especially home based service business. Service business owners are making big changes to how they will keep the trucks on the road by either lowering costs of their services to customers, or cutting costs internally within the company. A solid business idea to start asap.

Go on Google or ChatGPT now and type in “Top 15 niche service or product ideas”

Budget errand service

Budget errand service

3.) A coupon book or coupon newsletter

The use of coupons has spiked upward the last few months. Inflation and recession is making people who never used coupons, finally use coupons. However, the last idea that could truly thrive in these economic conditions is a niche based type of coupon email newsletter or coupon book (physical copy.)

For the email newsletter, all you would need is a Mailchimp account or Aweber email service to collect emails of people in your own to send out weekly blasts of specials in town. Or, you can do physical coupons in a coupon booklet.

Create this – with a unique brand or niche style of delivering these coupons. Such as if they use a certain amount of coupons from your newsletter or book in a week, they get entered to win a weekly prize or monthly prize. Also, if they use their coupons with another friend that uses the same coupon, they get featured on your newsletter to all your followers. Make it cool, make it social, make it valuable! The last of the 3 business ideas.

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Coupon book or coupon newsletter
Coupon book or coupon newsletter

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