13 Cool Ideas To REALLY Make Money Online In 2023

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There’s 18 year old’s making $70, 000 a month online with their phone. How do you feel about that? Yes, I have that same feeling.

2023 has been an interesting year in the business and entrepreneur world. You have kids in high school making $70,000+ a month with Google AdSense and selling advertising on Instagram and Tik Tok. You also have 78 year olds making crazy money on Youtube as travel bloggers.

Can you be that person next? It’s all up to you. Here are 13 cool ideas on how to make money online, the rest is up to you. Good luck!

1. Pre- Make and sell your websites, software or apps. (Then sell it for a profit)

I personally did this in the past as a side hustle. I would “pre-make” websites with good solid domains, and sell the finished product to someone that wanted a domain rich website that was ready to go. Now, if you’re able to create a website like this and you’re generating leads from it – bam, you can really make $$$. I would go on GoDaddy, look up domain rich domains that were available.

I would type the name of a city, then after the city, I would add the service industry like “plumbing”, “junk removal”, “movers”. Or, you could hold to the site, and literally rent it out to someone for a monthly fee. There’s many ways to go with this. To buy domains or a website, visit GoDaddy.com or WIX.com.

money flying out of laptop screen

2. Niche Podcast or Youtube channel host

Time for some real talk here. You really want to make real money with a podcast or Youtube channel? You will need to be creative from a few fronts. Are you interesting? Do you have a lot of knowledge in a particular subject? Are you consistent? Creative? Are you patient?

If you passed the test on all these so far, you may have a shot to make it big here. Too many people throw in the towel too soon, but also, too many people go on too long without realizing, no one is interested in their content. (You have to have honest self introspection with yourself.) You’ll need to write down some goals and metrics. “In 2 months, I want to get X subscribers. In 5 months, I want to get X amount of views on this video.”

podcast clip art

3. With your camera, take photos & videos to make money on stock photo sites.

Love taking pictures? Creative behind the camera? Take photos and post them on stock photography websites. The great thing about this money making idea, is that you get paid over and over again for the photo you took once. If you can crank out the volume and take many great photos, this is where the money can start to roll in. You can make anywhere from .02 to .25 cents per image per month. If you’re more established, it can be as high as several hundred per photo! You can get started on the website called Shutterstock.com.

sell photos on stock photo site

4. Social media management for small business owners.

This is a slam dunk quick way to get rolling in making money online. The best place to start are the small business owners who aren’t that tech savvy and don’t even have any social media presence yet. What you could do to get your foot in the door, is to reach out to restaurants, plumbers, moving companies etc.

Offer to run their social media marketing for free for 1-2 months. (Yes, you won’t make any money in the beginning, but you need to get your foot in the door.) Once the owner sees you’re bringing in customers and $$$, that’s when you’ve proven your worth and can charge a weekly or monthly maintenance fee.

You can upsell your services by then offering to post more for them, or, run their email newsletter as well etc. There are many ways to upsell this service and keep that cash flow coming in.

social media marketing services

5. Social Media Influencer

There’s tons out there now, but one that really has been captivating to me is this fellow known as “Reviewbrah”, or, The Report Of The Week on Youtube. At first, I couldn’t tell if it was satire or a real Youtube channel doing fats. food reviews. Even though I don’t eat fast food and eat pretty healthy and clean, I find his content so interesting.

Maybe it’s his unique delivery of his reviews? Maybe it’s his unique tastes in older style suits? Im not sure. But, I do watch a lot of his content. He goes around in his car and reviews fast food in his car. He even reviewed two types of generic Tru-Value water.

You’re wondering, “How the heck can he make money reviewing water??”. Well, Youtube pays if you can get the views. On average, every million views on Youtube generates around $10,000. His one video alone is at 1.6 million views at this time as Im writing this.

So let’s say, he made $16,000 off that video he made back in 2016. He did the 13 minute video once, and it’s become money printing machine. There are many other ways to make money as an influencer, whether it’s personal fitness, whether it’s fashion and design, or even a sports related social media influencer. The possibilities are endless.

clip of man tasting and reviewing water
Yes, he made approximately $16,000 off this Youtube video reviewing water. Long live Reviewbrah. This video was from 2016.

6. Selling products on Ebay or Amazon

A classic way to make money online, selling on Ebay and Amazon. What I’ve seen a lot of people having luck with, is buying items for cheap online, then re-selling it. I also know of people who make really good money buying garage sale items and re-selling them for quite more online.

Or, if you have your own product, you can have luck this way too. How many stories have you heard of the teenager who made thousands of dollars a day selling items on Ebay & Amazon?

What idea will you have next that’ll make you the next Ebay sales mogul? You can sign up on Ebay here to get started.

how to find products to sell on ebay

7. Creating customized shirts & phone cases

Ever hear of the name Sophia Amoruso? She was working at a fast food place as a teen and decided to experiment during her free time with getting clothes from a thrift store. She then would add her own designs to the shirts and re-sell them online.

(She now has a net worth of $20,000,000.). Are you creative and have a designers touch? You can make great money with customized shirts and phone cases. You can create your shirts on Shopify.com or Spreadshirt.com

custom tshirts $100 dollar bill

8. Online Personal Trainer, but with a twist.

A classic but a guaranteed money maker, online personal training.

But, how will you really stick out? A mandatory 6 pack, yes, but what else will make you really stick out? If health and fitness is your thing, let’s think of ideas of how to niche your online personal fitness training. Here are some ideas…

Personal fitness for 50 and over.

Personal trainer (to focus on certain types of weight lifting, squats, deadlift, upper body, cardio)

Personal trainer (for carnivore diet lifestyle, for vegan lifestyle etc)

Be creative! Differentiate yourself from the pack.

You’ll need a website.

building a website

9. Domain name flipping & domain rental

Got some patience. creativity and discipline on your side? You’ll need it for this online money making idea. You can make money buy literally buying, holding, and re-selling a domain name.

The most expensive domain name ever sold was Cars.com at a whopping $872,000,000. That’s not a typo.

flipping domains

10. Creating a physical service business in your town (And then running it remotely)

This one is an interesting way to run a business online, but not the easiest. It’s a mixture of bringing the physical & online world all in one. I will have fun writing about this particular case because I currently do this. I started a junk removal company in at age 24 with a small SUV and trailer that was about to fall apart.

I was working 60-70 hours a week doing hard physical labor work picking up junk from basements like pool tables and heavy fridges, all kinds of crazy stuff. After doing thousands of jobs and wanting a different change of pace 9 years later, I decided to finally hire a manager and more employees.

As the boss, I decided I should be the boss and be hands off the business. I then would just run my junk removal business, The Junk Removal Dudes LLC from my phone. So I finally let go. I was just working from my home office in rural Illinois.

Then I started to realize how many people were starting to work remotely during COVID. I told myself, “you know what? Why not me? I worked so hard and destroyed my body with all that physical work the previous years. I will go out of the country to work remotely from a different country. I never left my county until I turned 33.

I then was running my business from a beach in the Caribbean for most of the year. But now I travel all over the world to work remotely for my service business I own in Illinois. I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t believe it.

All those documentaries I saw on CNBC or all those blogs of people doing the same, I never thought I could pull it off. I did and YES, it’s doable. Create a service business in your town. Get great reviews quickly. Then after you get things up and running, hire talented people to run the operations for you in the town. Don’t leave the town – yet. Be there for a few months to show them the ropes.

Put them through the fire, stressful situations etc. Get them to learn. Have them be hands on. Teach them the do’s and don’ts. A few weeks after, take a vacation somewhere for a week or two. See how it is to run it from wherever you go.

Then when you’re ready to take the plunge, go wherever you choose. It’s possible, I make my living this way. Plan, execute, LIVE!

If you’d like to get more info on how to run a service business remotely, you can reach out to Alex here.

the junk removal dudes truck

11. Create your own local email newsletter coupon club

The cool thing about this idea is that this one of the more quicker ways to build revenue with the least amount expenses.

Promote your newsletter across social media and “What’s Happening Groups” in your town on Facebook. Let everyone know you’re going to be sending daily and/or weekly emails of special deals in town. In the beginning, get as many businesses as possible and promote their specials/coupons for free.

(You need to get your feet wet and get traction.) Get as many businesses to agree to send out free marketing content to your email newsletter list. Keep building the newsletter. The sooner you build the newsletter, the sooner you can make $$$$. Once you build a large enough detailed niche newsletter of your town/city, then you start charging business to promote on your newsletter.

email newsletter coupon club

12. “Labor Arbitrage”

Think you can pull this one off? IT can be a little tricky, but, here’s how it works. Let’s say you want do admin work or virtual assistant type of work for a business. You charge them “X” amount. Then, you outsource all the work to another person at a lower cost. Try doing it once. Then twice.

Then outsource to more people. (The pros to this idea is that you have literally zero costs to start. The cons to it though is that this can be very tricky, difficult and inconsistent. However, still something to try out and consider.

13. Make money with “Music On Loop” on Youtube.

This one is a unique, fun & cool idea. But there are tons of people out there nowadays making music channels on Youtube with long 8 hour loop songs per video. The longer the person watches the video, the more ad revenue the Youtube channel owner can make. Here is an example of a new Youtube channel entering this unique niche. Riley Chillz on Youtube.

youtube video clip

Did you like these ideas? Check out more money making ideas on our website TalkBenjamin.com

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