Funny, Genius or Creepy? Welcome to “Cuddling Inc.”

Some may laugh at this new going trend of business, but who is really laughing making $2,000+ per day?

It’s hard writing this out without trying to occasional burst out laughing, I won’t lie. I’ve been thinking of ideas on what to write next, specifically business that cost literally nothing to start. I was browsing across the internet and came across something so bizarre to me (but also, genius in some ways.). I call it “Cuddling Inc.”, a new growing trend throwing some people by surprise.

First off, this is not satire. Not only that, what if I told you there’s people right now making more than $2,000 per day with this new unusual business. Yes, $2,000 a day to lay down on a couch or bed to cuddle with complete strangers.

Now, I’m a traditional service business owner. So when I was researching this particular unique business, it fascinated for several reasons: For the lack of capital needed to start, the ease of it all, the danger of it all, and the huge potential I see because of current modern society experiencing loneliness, isolation and depression that are all time highs in the country now.

This is a vey unique mix of easy, fast cash, dangerous and – a constant need for the rapidly growing trend of lonely people. Bare with me as I write this. Like I said, I’m a seasoned traditional business owner – that’s open minded as well to new things and ideas. This is very new. This is very different.

PROS of starting a cuddling business:

1.) Minimal startup cost

Depending on how you want to approach this, there is the cheap riskier way, and the most expensive but somewhat safer way. If you choose to do this service from your home, plan on taking the necessary precautions of safety. You’ll need a clean inviting place and a spot for the cuddling session to occur. Will it be your couch? Bed? These are ideas you’ll need to figure out to grow your brand. If you choose to rent out a commercial space, that could be more ideal in a professional branding sense and also a safety sense. The other expenses you may need would be a budget for social media ads to get things kick started. Also ask yourself. What’s the rate for a 1 hour cuddling session? What discount will you give them if they do 2 hours? Even 3? 4?… The thing thing about this all? You can start it as early as tomorrow.

2.) Huge profit margin

Most grocery stores have a profit margin of 1-3% (Yes, you read that right). For every $100, a grocery store owner will make $1-$3. Now, they do huge volume to make the real money. Thousands of customers per day etc. With this business, you literally keep 99% of the profits for every 100%. Now, this all depends on much you spend on social media ads, if you decide to rent a commercial spot, candles, air fresheners etc. The amazing thing about this business is that you don’t have to buy buildings, or trucks, or have tons of equipment that can be very costly. It’s just you. Now, can you scale this? (Yes, you would just need to find other cuddlers and take a cut of each cuddle session.)

3.) Ultimate work from home gig

Imagine getting paid $200 an hour to literally do nothing. (Well, maybe nothing is an overstatement, you’re in an intimate spot with another complete stranger). With this business idea, you don’t have to report to some crappy 9-5 cubicle job. As the business owner, you can decide when you want to work. However in the beginning of your business, you need to take any hours to establish the client base and business.

4.) Increased looniness = Bigger demand for intimacy

I don’t know really how to talk about this, because ultimately, it’s a sad thing. The world is getting lonelier and more isolated. A recent poll showed that 45% of women will be unmarried and childless by age 30. While over 33% of men haven’t been with a woman in the last 12 months. This is increasing more and more, leaving a big void for intimacy. Ultimately, most Americans are becoming touch starved. If you think you have what it takes to try this out, give it a shout, there are a lot of lonely people out there wanting to be cuddled.

CONS of starting a cuddling business:

1.) Physically staying in the same position with a stranger for an hour

Ok, we heard all the cool stuff about the cuddling business idea. But now let’s talk about what are the cons of this idea. Number one being this, can you imagine yourself holding up close to someone in the same position for one hour? Two hours? And, what if the person gives you the creeps? What if the person smells? Lot’s of “what if’s” with this new emerging business.

2.) Hard to scale

Facebook exploded because it’s way easier and faster to scale tech companies. Now, if YOU are the product/service, it’s kind of hard to scale it. There’s people charging $200 an hour for this service of cuddling. If you have the energy to do 10 hours a day, that’s $2,000 a day. However, the only other way to try and scale this, is if you hire others and take an hourly fee from their cuddle sessions. But, maybe scaling is not needed. If you’re doing $2,000 a day, you can then use that money to invest in other business as well down the road! Or, you can do a Youtube channel talking about your brand and then get paid from Youtube ads.

3.) Ridicule & embarrassment

Imagine being at a networking event and someone asks you, “So what do you do?”. Would you be comfortable telling people what you do? Would you be embarrassed? If so, this may not be the best business to try out.

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