4 Quick Ways To Get New Customers For Your Service Business For Free (From Your Current Customers)

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You’re missing an opportunity to get more customers – and it’s right in front of you. Yes, your current customers. They’re not only your customers, but also a marketing machine waiting to be utilized.

Tip 1.)

If you’re a moving business or plumbing business, have your employees get a review from the customer before they leave. Text them the link and ask politely for a review. Then, ask the customers if they can take a photo of your worker with your work trucks so that the customer can upload it on social media. Then at the end of the month as a business owner, you pick one of those lucky customers who did this request. If the customer uploaded the picture to Facebook, they enter the drawing once. If they upload it to Instagram, they get entered twice. You get the idea.

Let’s say you do this with each of your customers. If you get 50 customers to do this, and each customer has 1,000 people on their social media page, that’s marketing your business to 50,000 people (spending less than $100 for a gift card to a local business in town.). I call this the “Alex Method” in marketing.

Tip 2.)

After the customer is happy with the job your business did for them, have them sign up for your email newsletter and to follow all your socials for a chance to win some type of free service you’ll offer. (Either reward them with your services for free, or, use a local business in town. You’re helping a fellow small business owner and – networking locally too.)

Tip 3.)

“Tell the story, not just post”. On your social media, create on going interesting content. There is a difference between being engaging and just posting random stuff. People now days have something I call “Tik Tok” syndrome, they have less than 3 seconds to pay attention. You have to capture attention quickly, make it interesting, and keep them coming back. It’s getting harder and harder to grasp attention now, so be creative, quick and constant. If you own a moving business, get into the details of the move. Make the viewer of your content feel like as if they’re in the moving truck as well. There is always a story to tell, make it unique so people keep coming back and remembering you.

Tip 4.)

Have your customers upload your photos directly to your Google profile. By doing this, this was help the Google algorithm and help your business rank higher in the search results for your business. (Example below)

Junk Removal Dudes reviews link screenshot

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