Are Network Marketers Scumbags? (Let’s ask ChatGPT)

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It’s the elephant in the room in the entrepreneurs sphere, but are we being harsh, or telling the truth about the MLM industry? Let’s deep dive into this topic.

We found this interesting image floating around the internet today, which compelled us to write this article about Multi-Level Marketing, aka, networking marketing. (Let’s see what chat GPT has to say about it.)

We asked ChatGPT if Network Marketers are scumbags. LOL.
We asked ChatGPT what they thought of MLM Network Marketers, they said we were being harsh. However, a little bit of truth came out from it. “Questionable & Unethical”

I’m going to tell you some experiences I’ve had in the past that prompted this blog post. Over the years, some of the most uncomfortable & awkward moments I’ve had in my life happened to be with people involved with MLM that tried to “be friends” at first, followed by over-the-top kindness and friendly behavior. Not just in person, but online too, whenever someone tries to pitch you their network marketing level program.

When you’re receiving an online assault from one of these people, be aware of the letters “A & O”:

“Hey! I saw your profile and you look like a fun and cool person! Where are you from?? So, I have this amazing opportunity to tell you about, do you have time to hop on a call champ?”

Ok, enough joking for now. Let’s talk about how I really feel about this MLM industry. The thing is this, if you have to hide from the get-go, what it is you really do, there is your first red flag.

Also furthermore, people really don’t like you after you try to sell them on your program. The people over the years who have tried to be sneaky about why they wanted to talk to me, only soon after finding out they wanted to get me on their MLM pyramid scheme.

There is a bad aura around the MLM sphere, and, deservedly so. The networking marketing industry is clouded by dishonesty.

So what is this business exactly? Are you trying to sell me a product? Are you trying to recruit me to recruit more people underneath me? What is the main idea of this business?

I am a pretty open minded person. I look into everything and anything with a rational, logical frame of thinking and analyzing a person, place, business or situation.

When you say to someone “I own a moving business”, what do you think they think of?

When you say to someone “I own a house cleaning business”, what do you think they think of?

When you say to someone “I have an amazing opportunity for you, I am in Networking Marketing MLM”, what do you think they think of? Yep, an uneasy feeling in your stomach, followed by the thought “Scam”.

I am sure some MLM people are reading this and I’ll get some emails from them showing their disproval of this article. Good, I welcome all feedback.

Perhaps they can read the other articles on here and get into a more credible & respectable business.

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