A Deep Dive Into “Loneliness Inc.”

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We Are Seeing A Unique Yet Disturbing Increase In Isolated Individuals In The US. Less Married Couples. Less Children. Will There Be A Shift In Where Money Is Spent & New Businesses That Come From This? Let’s Look Into The Loneliness Industry.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I hate OnlyFans. I won’t get into the details again of why I despise this site, but maybe in another separate blog post I will elaborate.

However, there is something deeper I have learned from this OnlyFans phenomena: The amount of lonely people out there, and, that lonely people will spend big money for companionship, even if it’s through a computer screen. (Especially males, both young and old. Over 60% of American males in 2022 experienced moderate to extreme loneliness.)

A lot of these men as I’ve come to find out, not only want to see some skin, but also more than that – They are paying for someone to talk to, they are paying for female validation. OnlyFans is not only a place for women to flash random horny strangers on the internet, but, they’ve almost become therapists as well. Men are paying for someone to talk to as well. What a unique place to seek out guidance, an online virtual strip club.

Let’s look at some concerning stats:

According to HealthyMale.com, Men tend to report much higher levels of loneliness compared to the opposite sex, with 39% of men from age 18-60 living alone experiencing loneliness and one in three men believe that there is no one to help them out if in they’re in need.

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Over 60% of males in the US in 2022 reported cases of loneliness.

For women, it’s getting bad for them too. According to EvieMagazine.com, Recent data predicts that over 45% of females from the ages 25 & 44 will be single and without children by the time the year 2030 comes around. The number of single women in the U.S. is expected to rise 1.2% every year and the number keeps getting bigger each year that passes.

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Over 45% of women age 30 in the US are expected to be single and childless by the year 2030.

What’s this mean for the movement of money now and in the future with these single and childless people? Where is their money going? Where could the money be going? Here is where I think things will grow (Unfortunately)

OnlyFans will continue to get bigger. Reports have shown that the top 5-10% of men in the US are getting all the women. That leaves the rest of all those males. Are they getting dates? Sure, but not the same volume as the top 5-10% males. A lot of these males have completely checked out of dating completely, or, went overseas to try their luck with more traditional woman. Here is a cool blog piece on that topic of “Passport Bros”. Click Here To Read.

Liquor Stores: After the covid lockdowns, alcoholism has skyrocketed even more-so. The pandemic really exacerbated the loneliness problem Americans faced. More drinking. More degeneracy with OnlyFans etc.

-Pets: I think a smart move to invest in the future is in a business idea or stocks related to pets, cats etc. People are finding companionship with their cats, dogs, bunnies or even birds. I see this industry growing quite a bit as more and more singles form the future of the US. (Invest in either a pet service of some kind, or, pet products.)

-Meet-Up Groups: I like this idea a lot. Most lonely people won’t go to a bar by themselves, however, they’ll go to a meet up where they can feel part of a group. I think this is a game changer business for the years to come. Create a meet-up group where you plan different events each week, or even daily depending on the demand you get in your city. One weekend, can be bowling, the other weekend, hiking, etc.

-Travel: I noticed it the last few years especially, a huge boom in solo travelers. (Create a travel related niche for solo travelers as an idea. Create their itinerary, take care of all their flights, hotels, and the cities they will stay.)

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