The “Viewed Your Profile” Feature On LinkedIn Is Creepy

It happened again today. The little notification pinged me on my LinkedIn App. I was notified that a certain person has viewed my profile again, and again, and again.

I’m going to be as rational, logical and methodical as possible while reading this opinion piece. But it’s something that’s been on my mind the last few months, something I wanted to write about. I want your input too. Feel free to agree or disagree with me.

Does it seem weird if someone views your profile constantly over a span of days, weeks or even months – without trying to connect with your or engaging in a message? Apparently I’m not the only person that’s had this weird issue. I’ve had it happen several times lately, both for completely different reasons I believe.

One case, was a competitor in the junk removal industry. It was about a week. Every week for the last several years, he keeps viewing my profile. If it’s one time, ok fine. Sometimes people want to check on the competitors – I get it. But to stalk someones page every few days for several years straight?

Another situation, a female who I had met once before at a networking event. She was nice, didn’t think much of the whole thing. However, several years later, she still views my profile once a month on schedule, almost as if she has it in her calendar app to remind her to stalk. I think probably likes me, however I wasn’t into her. She was nice, but I didn’t find her attractive for me to pursue.

She never connected with me on LinkedIn, never messaged me, just views my profile every few weeks. Is it me, or is this creepy and weird? You only hear of it when men do this, “acting thirsty” on LinkedIn. However, I think the opposite happens too, it’s just less direct and more subtle.

So, let’s take a birds eye looking of what LinkedIn creeping is really all about – or not about.

Are they constantly viewing your profile for networking but afraid to message you for some reason? Is it themselves they’re questioning? Or you? Do they not know if you’ll be a good connection for their career objectives?

Do they find you attractive but too much of a wimp to ask you out? Both the case for both men and women. Yes, LinkedIn is a “networking” site, but how many wonderful marriages, relationships and friendships were created through LinkedIn? Love has no boundaries, if you find someone attractive and interesting, message them. That’s how billions of people populated this earth, it all started with a shoulder nudge. Or in this case sometimes, a LinkedIn profile view.

Lastly, are they your competitors Are they “hate following” you? Yes, this is actually a common thing that I just learned of. People actually follow along people they dislike.

For me at this point, it’s a mixture of comical and creepy. I showed my friends these profiles that have been steadily viewing my profile constantly for months and years with out initiating a conversation. Some friends say I should block them, other friends say I should continue this just for comedy reasons.

However, is it more a lack of self-confidence? Insecurity? Do people realize nowadays how social awkward they are becoming?

But all I want to know more than anything is this; why do they keep doing this?

A female friend of mine told me that she didn’t like getting hit on from guys on LinkedIn, mostly because they were unattractive. She said if they were attractive, she would be open to talking more.

For your viewing pleasure – Im going to post some weird LinkedIn posts over the years from various LinkedIn accounts found on Google images. Enjoy and get a laugh today.

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