9 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Gold & Silver In 2023

Gold and silver blocks.

We are entering strange times here in 2023. Political unrest here and globally, inflation and a recession on the way. Here are 9 reasons why you need gold & silver.

  1. Gold & Silver Is An Inflation Hedge: Gold and silver have historically been used as a hedge against inflation. During times of rising inflation, the value of gold and silver tends to increase as investors seek to protect their purchasing power. Some also view gold and silver as “insurance”.
  2. Economic uncertainty and banks collapsing: With the economic uncertainty happening in the US, most will look over to  safe-haven assets like gold and silver. During times of market volatility or economic instability, the value of gold and silver tends to increase the more craziness the economy is experiencing.
  3. The Devaluation Of Currency: Throughout history, gold and silver have been viewed  as a safe store of value that is not tied to any specific currency. As a result of this, they can act as a safe hedge against currency devaluation. Also on a side note, did you the US dollar used to be backed by gold? It no longer is…
  4. The Supply & Demand: So here’s the thing, the supply of gold and silver is quite limited, and demand for these precious metals has historically been strong and increased over time. This can create upward pressure on prices.
  5. The Evil Central Bank Buying It: Some central banks, particularly in emerging markets, have been buying gold in large amounts lately  as a way to diversify their reserves. Do they know something we do not know? Are they planning something?
  6. The Industrial Demand For Precious Metals: Silver has many industrial uses that most people don’t know about. Some of these  include the use of silver in electronics, solar panels, and specific types of medical devices. As our technology advances and demand for these products increases over time, so too does demand for silver. It’s a win win situation from multiple fronts.
  7. Growing Geopolitical Tensions: Geopolitical tensions have been increasing dramatically in the last year and with that, we can see an increase demand for safe-haven assets like gold and silver. With more political unrest happening, war, and other conflicts, it can all create uncertainty and increase demand for these precious metals. Be prepared! We are entering interesting times.
  8. The Jewelry Demand For Precious Metals: Gold has long been used for jewelry the last few thousand years, particularly in India and China, where it is seen as a symbol of wealth and status in their culture. It has now moved over to the west as well.
  9. Important For Portfolio Diversification: Gold and silver can be an extremely valuable addition to a diversified investment portfolio you already may have. Gold and silver can provides diversification and potential downside protection during market downturns. Throughout history, gold and silver has been the “safest” investment for thousands of years.

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